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Film Title:
Smart TV

Movie Poster

Super natural thriller

Production Date:

Log Line:
A desperate man tries to save himself from false accusations in order to save whatever life and career he has left.

Roger Titan is a thirty something Football superstar full of secrets and on the down side of his career.  On a normal day he finds himself entertaining an annoying fan boy/cable TV installer, by the name of Billy Thompson.  Not only does Billy try to engage Roger in endless conversation he also tries to probe Roger for details about his personal life.  Increasingly uncomfortable Roger tries to dispose of Billy’s company when suddenly unexpected problems arrived in the form of a strange authoritative figure by the name of Captain Borshein.

Initially Roger assumes he is part of a drug bust but he soon realizes this particular investigation is a lot deeper and stranger that he ever expected.  Roger and Billy soon find themselves answering questions about the murder of Roger’s ex-girlfriend.  In capable of invoking any of his rights or calling a lawyer, Roger soon realizes he is not dealing with an average investigation.  With the passing of every minute Roger starts to find himself in a situation that his charm, fame and intelligence may not be able to get him out of.  Clandestine government organization beyond unconstitutional rights violations and super natural phenomenon proves to be only the tip of the iceberg as we quickly learn nothing is ever what it seems.

Director / Producer:
Bobby "Rico" Serros

  • David Mackey - Roger Titan
  • Tony DeMil - Billy Thompson
  • Johnny D. Baca - Captain Bornshein
  • Kyle D. Phillips - Monster
  • Gabriella Rosado - Margret Ann Miller
  • Christian Segura - Soldier #1
  • Daniel Strada - Soldier #2

Filmed on Location at:
Serros Studios
in Orlando, Florida, USA.

EmmaRoseProductions.com, All rights reserved.

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