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Epics that Lacked Studio Confidence.

When you think of epic films you think of Gone With the Wind and Titanic. Today Titanic stands out as an epic and a box office smash, like Gone With the Wind stands as an all time American classic. A little known about these films is that both were originally considered failures in the making.


Gone With The Wind and TitanicMany considered Gone With the Wind a failure in the making; the book rights were a hard sell. Upon a preview screening the feelings were mixed and on general release the film became a sensational smash as well as a critical success. Nearly 80 years after its release the gone with the wind epic stands the test of time and is considered a standard bearer for epic filmmaking.


Titanic was considered a failure in he making much the same way as gone with the wind. No successful story was developed around the 1912 disaster. The film was getting abysmal notices in pre production and largely regarded as an overpriced failure waiting to happen. After completion and upon release Titanic became the biggest hit of the decade taking in over a billion dollars in worldwide box office and making mega stars out of its cast members.


Epics are risks and as such studios tend to give it mixed receptions and not nearly enough support. I wonder when the studios will learn how to navigate the iceberg of ignorance.