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The GodFather IV

The Godfather IV: The Plan that Never Was

The general feeling is that The Godfather has come full circle and pretty much there are no more stories to be told. The truth is that the series has had a fourth part talked about for nearly two decades and while nothing’s come of it yet, you never know.


The Godfather IV
The Godfather IV

In the late 1990’s after the third installment there was a push for a fourth. The general idea was that the fourth installment of The Godfather would focus on the reign of Vincent Corleone, the character portrayed by Andy Garcia. The 4th installment would be the Corleone Family’s descent into drug trafficking and Vincent Corleone’s decline with a death similar to that of Pablo Escobar’s.


The story was supposed to have flashbacks to the golden days of the family and some of the original story key character’s early days.


The movie has been pretty much on the back burner since the death of Mario Puzzo in 1999 but given the strength and iconic nature of the films you can never say anything for certain.

The Seven-Year Contract

When you think about stars being under contract to do specific films you think about salaries that number in the millions and on top of that you think of back end points, merchandising and so on. If you go back about sixty years or more the case was completely different.


Marilyn MonroeStars that showed promise usually got signed to seven-year contracts for their specific studio. When stars signed contracts they were usually unknowns that were more than likely going to be used as either fillers or B-side attractions. During the 1930’ s, 40’s, and 50’s most of those studio system contracts paid something like $100 per week and were a good way for developing talent. Stars like Marilyn Monroe, and Clint Eastwood were developed that way.


Clint EastwoodThe seven-year contract was a way for the studios to also own their people and do with them as they pleased. Today the ball game is different and stars come and go as they please.


Those were the days, sort of.

Even Bad Schlock has Merit

Silence of the Lambs is considered one of the greatest films of all time. The story of Hannibal Lecter was simply incredible. A deranged but cool Psychiatrist helps a newbie agent catch a criminal that was making suits with the skins of his female victims. The whole premise is creepy and still puts you on the edge of your seat.

Deranged 1974

Deranged 1974 The funny thing about Silence of the Lambs is that it was somewhat influenced by a schlocky horror film titled Deranged. The film Deranged was a low budget movie based on the case of Ed Gein, a serial killer that skinned his victims. The film itself was extremely cheesy but it was that type of subject that influenced a masterpiece.

Let’s hear it for bad films with good intentions!


Do Not Go In There!

You ever pop Jaws into the DVD player and get that feeling like you just don t really want to go into the water anytime soon? Don t worry because Steven Spielberg has that feeling as well, every time he goes near glass of water. I know it s hard to believe that the kingpin of directors would feel like that but there is actual proof.


When talking about the story of Jaws in a special about the film, John Milius stated that Spielberg would not go into the water while on vacation in Hawaii. The reason why Spielberg is scared to go in the water, he feels the sharks are plotting revenge against him. It s a bit of a stretch but the fact is that when you think of the nature of the film, you have to assume that some sharks are probably waiting in the wings for a bite of the Steven.