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Brando had Sparrow’s back

BrandoWhen you think of all time great actors, Marlon Brando’s name usually comes to mind. Brando’s style drew audiences in to a point where it didn’t matter what he was doing, the audience would hang on his every last word. Years past his prime Brando made a comeback and cranked out a couple of films. One of Brando’s later roles was as the portly psychologist in Don Juan DeMarco. As always Brando put together the kind of performance that people still talk about today.

Don Juan De Marco

In one particular scene Johnny Depp was having trouble remembering his lines. Brando taped a paper with the lines to a coffee cup in the scene and guided Depp through his lines. Depp completed the scene without issue.

Depp became a contender, a somebody! 

Star Power Means Crazy Cash

When people talk about star power today they think about 20 million dollar paychecks and insane demands. The fact of the matter is that star power has been around for a s long as entertainment has existed and true star power was often measured by name recognition.
Marlon Brando, Superman - Super-paid!A great example of real star power was Marlon Brando. By 1978 Marlon Brando was past his Godfather prime, but he had generated so many classics that he really could do almost anything.

When Superman was shot Brando’s minimal role as Superman’s father got him a million dollars, while the star, Christopher Reeve was paid a quarter of that.

What a contender!