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Thank Goodness for Bad Decisions

An interesting thing about movies is that when they have the right stars they are memorable. When a star seems out of place in a movie it will play out to the point where fans will be alienated. A great example of that would be Forrest Gump and some of the original casting choices.

The title role was initially offered to John Travolta, who later lamented not taking the part. Imagine Forrest Gump with Tony Minero flair. A second curious choice was Bill Murray whose career was at a commercial high at that point. It’s hard to imagine Forrest Gump having a sort of sarcastic swagger given what a simple minded individual he was made into.

Forrest Gump, Casting CallThe last unimaginable casting choice was for Dave Chapelle who was the first choice for Bubba. Again it’s amazing to think what Bubba would have been like if played by the same guy that spoofed Rick James!

I’m Bubba!