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True Genius

When a great film is made the Director is often credited. A director’s job is getting that great story on paper told in a visually stunning way. A director makes the star bring out something that he/she was not previously capable of.  So then if you are going to call someone a genius it should show not just on one film, it should be reflected by an entire body film. A true genius was Sydney Lumet.


Sydney LumetLumet’s work was the kind that would bring you into the fold emotionally in ways that were nearly impossible to imagine or duplicate. The film 12 Angry Men was a clear example of Lumet’s ability to take dialogue and turn it into deeply personal, emotional angst. 12 Angry Men was set inside a jury room and it takes the audience into a place deep inside every character. Lumet was also responsible for classics like Serpico and The Veredict.

The genius of Lumet was making the characters so gritty that you would either love them or hate them, but without regard you would understand their motives. Emotion was Lumet’s signature, emotion unlike any other.


Definitions of a Master

Alfred Hitchcock was a master filmmaker whose active career spanned over 55 years. Hitchcock’s thrillers were largely considered unparalleled in the sense that they gave his audiences an uneasy feeling and kept them guessing what was next from beginning to end. The majority of Hitchcock’s films as well as the body of work in his show were suspense. Hitchcock defined suspense and mystery in an interesting way.


Alfred HitchcockTo Hitchcock mystery was an intellectual process that made the audience wonder who was the culprit. Mystery engaged the audience in that exercise of silent participation and guessing. Hitchcock defined suspense differently; to him it was an emotional driver.


Suspense was about guessing until the end and having the payout leave you stunned. Hitchcock was a master at suspense and his obvious skill in terms of story telling was what made suspense decidedly emotional.


Talk about a master at work.