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Legendary Power Struggles

The film industry is known for having a million complications. Every film you see on screen usually contains some story behind it. In the 1970’s and 80’s some of the biggest power struggles in the history of film resulted in some great final product and some legitimate bad blood. A great couple of examples are The Godfather and Cotton Club. The aforementioned films power struggles center on the same players, Robert Evans and Francis Ford Coppola.

Robert Evans vs Francis Ford Coppola

When making The Godfather the level of disagreement between the Paramount Studios head Robert Evans and director Francis Ford Coppola was incredible. Evans was serving as producer on the project while Coppola was directing. The constant argument was as far as story, and length. Evans once claimed that the product Coppola was putting out lacked heart and that the story was weakly told. The argument between Evans and Coppola came down to who was truly more influential in terms of the classic that is now referred to as an iconic piece of American Cinema.

Cotton ClubIf you fast forward some twelve years the same situation took place. The film that these two power players quarreled over was Cotton Club. The story behind this particular film involves a more powerful Coppola and a less powerful, troubled Evans. Coppola had Evans barred from the set with a court order and a battle ensued that would eventually see Evans play a minor role in the full development of the film. The secondary story behind Cotton Club would see Evans implicated in a murder plot and eventually nearly banished from Hollywood for years to come.

Talk about some serious drama!