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Little Known Fact About Video Assist

Video assist allows filmmakers to see a take immediately after it’s been shot. Video assist is key simply because it aids the filmmaker in deciding if the take should be shot again, and how. What a lot of people don’t know is that video assist was influenced heavily by Jerry Lewis. The Nutty Professor himself was something special.

Jerry Lewis directing

When he put together his classic film The Bellboy Jerry Lewis used a video camera to record while filming. This technique did not initially get tagged as video assist; still it was something that created a whole new way to aide directors. The funny thing is that The Bellboy was Jerry’s first directorial effort.


Nice lady!


Take Me To Tatooine

star wars movie set
You ever feel like popping over to the Skywalker household and having an outer space fizzy drink? Well you may not be able to do the latter but you can still go to the Skywalker home and a few other legendary Star Wars sets out in Tunisia. Want to hear something truly odd? There are some places where Star Wars is not very well known, Tunisia is one of them.

The sets that once represented the fictional tatooine, hometown of Luke Skywalker, are now desert ruins that have fallen to years of rough desert wather but still they are useful for everything from photo shoots to fanboy films. What is truly amazing is that these sets represent the enduring nature of Star Wars. In a way this is proof that abandoned film sets are a new representation of our generational history.

star wars movie set