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What You Don’t Know About the Angels

Ever wonder why Hollywood’s beloved Bill Murray wasn’t in Charlie’s Angels 2 ? The main reason is Murray’s disregard for Lucy Liu. The big assumption is that Murray and Liu did not get along but it goes way beyond that.

Charlies Angels

Bill Murray did not think Lucy could act. The fact is Bill told Lucy Liu that and she decided to actually try and beat the crap out of him as a result. For the sequel Bernie Mac replaced Murray but his presence was still felt as his character was mentioned.

Lucy Liu

There must have been something lost in translation there!

Citizen Kane

The Night Orson Welles was saved

It’s almost certain that you are thinking Orson Welles became some sort of religious devotee by reading the tittle of this entry, not so. The fact is that when he made the classic Citizen Kane Welles made an enemy of the legendary media mogul William Randolph Hearst. Essentially Welles pissed him off by creating a character that was based on him, a person that engaged in gaudy self-barony.


Citizen KaneWelles was warned by many people not to try and tangle with Hearst in any respect but he did it anyway. When Hearst realized what Welles had done he was looking for ways in which to smash Welles down. One night Hearst planted a girl in a hotel room, the girl was naked and she was supposed to scream rape and get Welles arrested. Welles was giving a lecture somewhere.


On the way back to his room a janitor of the goings told Welles on so he never went to the room. That night Welles was spared but the following years would be a sort of nightmare for Welles as he was somewhat blacklisted as a difficult and casuist individual.


Oh Rosebud!


Some of the Best Fight Scenes on Film

When watching an action film you expect everything from explosions to serious fighting. In some action films the fight scene is everything, from build up, to climax, to wind down. Fight scenes have to have ebb and flow action and in the end have to make you want to keep watching. Some films have produced extremely violent and lengthy fight scenes that are etched in the memories of audiences world wide. Below is a top five of memorable fight scenes that people talk about still to this day.

  1. They LiveThey Live – The fight scene between Roddy Piper’s character and Keith David s character is nearly impossible to forget. The fight itself is clocked in at over six minutes and provided everything from right hands to suplexes. Piper and David pounded each other for 12 minutes in an effort to help John Carpenter achieve his dream of getting the longest fight scene on film and making it to the record books. Unfortunately the scene became repetitive and had to be cut down, the end result was memorable though.
  2. Rocky Rocky – Everyone s favorite underdog bled and got beaten by Apollo Creed for ten minutes. The end result was one of the golden moments of cinema, the underdog Rocky won respect and became the man he always wanted to be. Rocky would spawn five sequels that would be defined in the fight scene always pitting the underdog against the far more skilled warrior.
  3. Freddy vs JasonFreddy vs Jason – The fight of horror icons pit Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. The scene itself was not super gory but the fact that you had two memorable horror villains going at it was enough to make you remember.
  4. KillBill_01Kill Bill Volume 1 – The fight between Uma Thurman’s The Bride and O-Ren Ishii is a masterpiece that people can remember from moment to moment. The start includes a brawl with Ishii minions The Crazy 88. The scene concludes with a swift sword stroke that ultimately takes the top of O-Ren Ishii’s head off and revealing her brain.
  5. Matrix_01The Matrix Re Loaded – The fight scene between Neo and Agent Smiths was a masterstroke of CGI and wirework. The scene featuring Neo against an army of agent Smiths was simply mind blowing to see on screen.