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James Bond Facts

James Bond is one of the most successful and long lasting film franchises in the history entertainment. The fact is that Ian Fleming created a character that has only become more and more popular throughout the years. Funny thing about Bond films is that over the years the build up usually includes some facts that not everyone knows about. Below are some interesting but rarely discussed bond facts.

James Bond 007

  • The first bond film was Casino Royale. The film was based on the book and released as a one-hour adventure thriller by CBS. Barry Allen played the lead role and the film was a live production.
  • The rights to the book Casino Royale were purchased for $1,000 in 1954, only $8,000 in modern dollars.
  • When Sean Connery quit the series for the first time in 1969 he did so only three weeks prior to the start of filming for On her Majesty’s Secret Service.
  • Timothy Dalton was considered for the role of Bond in 1969 but dismissed because he was too young.
  • When the role of Bond was given to George Lazenby it was given to him because of his looks, he wasn’t a trained actor.
  • 1967’s Casino Royale starring David Niven and Peter Sellers was an enormous box office hit, effectively establishing Bond as a major moneymaker in every respect.


After reading this, are you shaken or stirred?