5 Dirty Celeb Secrets

Do you ever wonder about your favorite celebrities? Do you wonder what their life is like and if they have anything to hide? Celebrities are human and like everyone else, they have their little secrets. Below are 5 celebrity secrets you did not know and may not believe.



  • Seuss- It’s true, it’s true the man that invented the who, loved to fool around at times with more than two. Dr. Seuss was into extra marital affairs in case you didn’t get the Seuss style rhyme.
  • Mark Wahlberg- The superstar once beat a Vietnamese gentleman unconscious while yelling racial slurs at him. Wahlberg was 16 at the time and not on good vibrations.
  • Johnny Cash- Cash was a beloved superstar whose personality was larger than country music. Cash became a star of film and television, solidifying the man in black persona. Cash apparently escaped a car fire that killed 49 California condors; wonder if that’s what led him to writing Folsom Prison Blues.
  • Thomas Edison- The inventor took place in the first animal death ever filmed. Edison did it out of spite for his rival Nikola Tesla.
  • Eric Clapton- The great guitarist apparently hates immigrants in Britain and has rallied against them by joining politicians whose agendas include blocking immigrants.


A lot of these secrets are often denied or not acknowledged as often, incredible how heinous they seem in actual nature.