Kill the Cat

When you think of film adaptations you tend to hear that the book was better than the movie. The reason why books are better is simply because they have a greater amount of real estate, the story has to be cut down in order to be adapted so something can be lost in translation. The case was different with The Cat in the Hat.

The Dr. Seuss classic was made into a film that was universally panned by critics, in part because it added unexpected and unwelcomed factors to the story. The film itself made a decent amount of money in the box office but it was still not enough to make up for the bad reception.

the cat in the hat, movieThe worst criticism came from the estate of Dr. Seuss. The film was so hated by them that they decided there would never again be another live film adaptation of the books. The film was definitely not better than the book in this case.

I saw him! I saw him! I saw………..wait the cat’s dead.