The Sign of Dreams

Hollywood is a town that’s built its history on the backs of dreams. The dreams associated with Hollywood are dreams of stars, bright lights, fame, and fortune. What makes Hollywood special is it’s iconic landmark, the big sign. People associate the big sign with legendary careers. The sign is special but the truth is that the sign has a story behind it, unrelated to the dreams associated with it.

HollywoodLand Sign

The Hollywood sign was erected in 1923 as a way to promote Hollywood real estate. The film industry was actually in its infancy at that point and big stars were few and far in between. Film was actually not that big a part of California’s lore.  The sign originally read Hollywoodland.


HollywoodLandMuch like with anything the sign changed to just Hollywood and eventually it because the icon for an entire industry. Nearly 100 years after being put up the sign represents a bridge between the history of film and modern day entertainment hopes.


Hollywood, Hollywood!