Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Intellectual Property Master

Godzilla is the biggest monster in film history, and he stands out above as the bad boy of the monster world. Godzilla’s sounds, looks and physical attributes are unique to him and him alone. From his mighty hump to the scaly green screen, Godzilla is the main monster there is.


GodzillaGodzilla is so unique that he’s actually the owner of his own sound. The weird blood curdling sound that Godzilla is famous for actually legally belongs to him. The Godzilla scream is copyrighted and can’t be duplicated, so if any monster tries to imitate the big G they may find themselves in court………..monster court!

Interesting thing about Theaters

When you go to a theater chances are that you probably look around and imagine cash registers going crazy. The posters, the video games and everything that you see makes you think that millions roll in and out of a theater. The truth of the matter is that a theater is held together by one substance, the popcorn.

Movie popcorn

Movie theatres make their money with concessions not actual screen rental. Sometimes the screen rental revenue doesn’t come back right away and on top of that the overhead expenses eat up that particular revenue. The popcorn, Icees, cokes and nacho platters make all the difference. Every time someone buys any snack the theatre makes some money.

Ah the power of popcorn!


Lord Farquaad’s Origin Story

Lord FarquaadOne of the biggest villains in animated film history is the evil Lord Farquuad from Shrek. Like every villain it’s assumed he has some sort of back-story. The back-story is actually Michael Eisner, former Disney CEO.  The story there is that Jeffrey Katzenberg hated Eisner, who in turn referred to him as an “ evil midget.”

Farguaad must have been a compromise between the midget nature of Katzenberg and the square, hero like jaw of Eisner. In a way Lord Farquaad is the best of two bad worlds. The character is a memorable villain so it doesn’t say a lot  for Katzenberg or Eisner.

The Grinch Really was Difficult

You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch! At least we can assume Jim Carrey must have been thinking that when he was filming How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This particular film was not just a box office smash but also a defining moment in the funnyman’s career. What a lot of people don’t know is that the film was serious torture for Jim Carrey.

GrinchThe makeup was extremely constricting so Carrey was having a really hard time putting forward a good performance.  There was a great deal of concern so the producers enlisted the help of the Seals, Navy Seals. The producers actually hired a US Navy Seal to counsel Carrey on torture resistance techniques.

Talk about striking out in Whoville.

No Clouseau Like the Original Clouseau

Peter Sellers immortalized the role of Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther. To think of anyone else playing the role of Clouseau is hard only because the role was uniquely Peter Sellers role. When The Pink Panther was re-made starring Steve Martin, there was a collective gasp with good reason.

Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau

So what where some of the other choices? The other choices for the role were Mike Myers, and Kevin Spacey. Myers and Spacey are fine actors but it’s fair to assume that neither one was really fit to take the role. There just isn’t anyone like Peter Sellers, no matter how good an actor, there is no Clouseau like the original Clouseau.

My Name is Piece, HairPiece

If you ask anyone who their favorite James Bond is chances are that you will get a universal response in favor of the legendary Sean Connery. The reason for Sean Connery’s popularity is twofold, his machismo and on top of that his portrayal of the cool spy.

JamesSomething interesting to note about Connery is that he was wearing a hairpiece through his entire run as the British super spy. Sean Connery would eventually toss the wig out the window and continue his highly respected trajectory as a film Icon but it was the Bond role, wig included, that made him a star.

James Brown Saved the World…..Kinda

The film Independence Day is a summer blockbuster classic that established Will Smith as a major box office commodity. The film is basically about a bunch of good guys getting together and saving the planet from a decidedly lethal alien invasion. Yes the plot of the film is somewhat generic but the film was written and shot in a way that generated real interest.

James Brown
An unknown fact about Independence Day is the fact that James Brown played a part in it. James Brown did not perform nor did he use his super powers as godfather of soul in order to help. Using James Brown’s voice, screaming, created the sound of weapons exploding in the alien spaceship.


Wow, HEY, get down now!

Celebrities Get Sick Too

When we think of celebrities we tend to think of them as indestructible and far greater than reality. The truth of the matter is that celebrities are human just like us and they go through a lot of the same things we go through.  Below is a top five of celebrities that suffer from ailments like we do.


  • Tony Braxton- The Grammy winning singer suffers from Lupus, which could kill her.
  • Alec Baldwin- The 30- Rock star suffers from Chronic Lyme Disease.
  • Morgan Freeman­- The Oscar winning superstar suffers from Fibromyalgia that gives him chronic joint pain.
  • Tom Hanks- Arguably Hollywood’s biggest star, Hanks suffers from diabetes.
  • Catherine Zeta Jones- The Oscar winner suffers from an unfortunate case of bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorders can truly throw off a person’s chemical balance not to mention, moods.


Everyone can get sick, even celebrities.