All Great Things Take Time

Avatar is by and large on of the biggest hits in the history of cinema. With mixing some incredible 3D effects and creating some crazy worlds the film touched on new and amazing territory. Avatar is a great film that touches on a million subjects from the environment to relationships between different beings. The general social commentary of that film only enhanced the incredible visuals, a rarity in film.

A funny fact about this classic is that it was almost released ten years before. The film was due to be released in 1999 but at that time the budget of the film would have been a staggering 400 million dollars. One has to wonder what Avatar would have been like if Cameron had gone ahead, ten years and a different cast may not have gelled nearly as well.

Pixar Lunch: Genius Table

Pixar changed the face of entertainment with its CGI films. Toy Story got the ball rolling but not just on that market, it got it rolling. Other films followed that were as big in the box office and made huge waves in terms of stories well told and characters well developed.

pixar movies

The thing that a lot of people don’t know is that one-year prior to the release of Toy Story four ideas were conceived. The ideas for Monsters Inc., A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, and Wall e, were all thought up, during a lunch meeting. That lunch meeting is now more than likely considered the billion-dollar steak, if that’s what John Lasseter, Joe Ranft, Peter Docter, and Andrew Stanton ate at the meeting.   

Television History 101

Television has been around for nearly 80 years and it has become our great friend, the one we go to in order to unwind. In the early days of television most everything was shot with a single camera. The game changed in 1951 with a new series known as I Love Lucy. The show broke ground when it became the first show to be filmed live in front of a studio audience.

Lucy & Desi

Desi Arnaz thought up the concept, whose ability to come up with new methods for producing television is not credited often enough. Arnaz also came up with the three-camera system for TV, a technique first used in the classic Citizen Kane. Today the three camera system is used and so is taping live in front of a studio audience.

Talk About a Sweet Deal

Elvis Presley was the king of Rock n’ Roll but like every king he had a trusted advisor. Elvis listened to Colonel Tom Parker. Parker was not really a Colonel or anything of the sort, so much as he was a skilled con artist. Parker was a Dutch national whose tax problems led him to keeping Presley from ever touring Europe, where he could have made more that ten million dollars.


Elvis and ParkerParker was so incredibly powerful and so convincing that toward the end of Elvis’ life he was charging a staggering 50% on everything that Elvis was paid. Parker had Elvis going on tour almost every two months in order to nurture his degenerate gambling habit. Parker also had power over publishing, productions, and what Elvis could and could not record.


Talk about a sweet deal!

The Future of Ghostbusters  (In the Past)

When it comes to well loved classics, 1984’s Ghostbusters is right near the top of the list. The film was a hit taking in over 200 million at the box office and spawning a licensing bonanza that included toys, clothes, music, cartoons, and a sequel. The story of Ghostbusters was originally set in the future.

Ghost Busters

The profession of ghost busting was actually like that of a paramedic or police officer. It’s fair to assume that this was changed because the story wouldn’t have been quite as exciting.  The part about Ghostbusters that made it fun was the aspect of four scientists doing something that only they were capable of doing and no one else.  Thank goodness for re writes!

Who you gonna call? Not the paramedics.


What You Don’t Know About the Angels

Ever wonder why Hollywood’s beloved Bill Murray wasn’t in Charlie’s Angels 2 ? The main reason is Murray’s disregard for Lucy Liu. The big assumption is that Murray and Liu did not get along but it goes way beyond that.

Charlies Angels

Bill Murray did not think Lucy could act. The fact is Bill told Lucy Liu that and she decided to actually try and beat the crap out of him as a result. For the sequel Bernie Mac replaced Murray but his presence was still felt as his character was mentioned.

Lucy Liu

There must have been something lost in translation there!

The First Late Night War

When people think of late night television they tend to think of wars for The Tonight Show, Jay Leno’s return after Conan Obrien’s firing and so on.  The first real late night war took place back in 1986. Joan Rivers had been a fixture on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson for a period of 20 years. Rivers was the permanent guest host of the show but she left the spot for her own late night show.

In making her move Joan Rivers not only became the first woman to host a late nigh show but she also raised the ire of Carson. The cold war between the two of them led to a 28-year ban of Rivers on the show.  Rivers would make an appearance shortly before her death, showing that minimally she had outlasted her once mentor and his rules.

Joan vs Jimmy

Star Power Means Crazy Cash

When people talk about star power today they think about 20 million dollar paychecks and insane demands. The fact of the matter is that star power has been around for a s long as entertainment has existed and true star power was often measured by name recognition.
Marlon Brando, Superman - Super-paid!A great example of real star power was Marlon Brando. By 1978 Marlon Brando was past his Godfather prime, but he had generated so many classics that he really could do almost anything.

When Superman was shot Brando’s minimal role as Superman’s father got him a million dollars, while the star, Christopher Reeve was paid a quarter of that.

What a contender!


Blind Dates ~ Open Casting Call.

These auditions are now closed.

Thank you, to everyone who participated. Be sure to follow Emma Rose Productions for future announcements.


Open Casting Call; Short Film, SAG & Non-SAG

  • Product Name: Blind Dates
  • Production Co.: Emma Rose Productions
  • Rate: $200.00 per day
  • Run(Usage): Film Festivals
  • Casting Director: R.J.
  • Audition Date: 11/14/2014
  • The casting director is scheduling the people as follow:
    Ladies 11am-12pm/1pm-2pm/3pm-4pm
    Guys 12pm-1pm/2pm-3pm/4pm-5pm
  • Audition Note: Free parking on the street or $2 in the parking garage.
  • Audition Location: Doubletree By Hilton Orlando. 2nd Floor Citrus Room. 60 South Ivanhoe Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32804
  • Callback Note: No Callbacks Clients will be at the casting
  • Shoot Dates: 12/01/2014, 12/02/2014, 12/03/2014,
    12/04/2014, 12/05/2014, 12/06/2014,
  • Shoot Note: First week of Dec. We are somewhat flexible with the shoot dates.
  • Shoot Location: Orlando

Project Notes: We are looking for fun comedy actors that can bring out the fun in the script. Be ready and off book as best as you can.


Ted – Blind Dates /Principal / Male / 22 – 32
Slender body type. Any height.
Wardrobe: Everyday casual.
Role Rate: $200.00 per day
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Hispanic

Frank – Blind Dates /Principal / Male / 22 – 32
Big frame body any height.
Wardrobe: Everyday casual.
Role Rate: $200.00 per day
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Hispanic

Sarah – Blind Dates /Principal / Female / 22 – 32
Slender athletic body type.
Wardrobe: Everyday casual.
Role Rate: $200.00 per day
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Hispanic

Betty – Blind Dates /Principal / Female / 22 – 32
Sarah’s best friend any kind of body type.
Wardrobe: Everyday casual.
Role Rate: $200.00 per day
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Hispanic

James Bond Facts

James Bond is one of the most successful and long lasting film franchises in the history entertainment. The fact is that Ian Fleming created a character that has only become more and more popular throughout the years. Funny thing about Bond films is that over the years the build up usually includes some facts that not everyone knows about. Below are some interesting but rarely discussed bond facts.

James Bond 007

  • The first bond film was Casino Royale. The film was based on the book and released as a one-hour adventure thriller by CBS. Barry Allen played the lead role and the film was a live production.
  • The rights to the book Casino Royale were purchased for $1,000 in 1954, only $8,000 in modern dollars.
  • When Sean Connery quit the series for the first time in 1969 he did so only three weeks prior to the start of filming for On her Majesty’s Secret Service.
  • Timothy Dalton was considered for the role of Bond in 1969 but dismissed because he was too young.
  • When the role of Bond was given to George Lazenby it was given to him because of his looks, he wasn’t a trained actor.
  • 1967’s Casino Royale starring David Niven and Peter Sellers was an enormous box office hit, effectively establishing Bond as a major moneymaker in every respect.


After reading this, are you shaken or stirred?