Not Even the Mini- Oscar Can Save You

Being a child star with an Oscar in Hollywood can’t really save you, not if you are doomed by the stigma of typecasting. An unfortunate example of a child star whose promising career was doomed by his own stardom is that of Bobby Driscoll.

Bobby Driscoll Bobby Driscoll was Disney’s wonder kid, having starred in classics such as Song of the South, Treasure Island, and as the voice of Peter Pan. Bobby Driscoll seemed to be on the path to enduring stardom, especially after being given a juvenile Oscar in 1950.

Bobby DriscollOne would think Bobby was headed to a major spot where he would have been either a Jack Nicholson type star or a studio head. Sadly Bobby would end up without any money and his body would be laid to rest in Potter Field at Hart Island, where unclaimed souls of prisoners and the destitute go to rest.